Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jake’s Cooking Craze by Ken Spillman with illustrations by Chris Nixon ★★★½

Reviewed by Sophia (Aged 10)  Meet Sophia

          Jake’s cooking craze is an adventure story. It starts off with Jake the odd one out at his school because everyone is watching a new cooking show except him.  
          Then Jake persuades his dad to watch it too. It was only a matter of time until Jake is addicted to the show. Not only to the actual show, but to the art of cooking. Nana helps with the basics of cooking but soon Jake is hearing the importance of hand washing and cleaning up progressively.
          At school he tells his friend Jonah about his cooking progress. Over the P.A system at school Jake hears that there will be a cooking contest, and that three people will be chosen. Stephanie, Jake and Almina get picked to do it.
         Jake tries to think of something Stephanie or Almina would never dare to cook. He thinks and thinks and thinks and finally he knows what he’s going to cook.
         I found this book to be good. It was a bit crazy when I discovered the ingredients being used by Jake in the competition. Overall I found this book interesting and imaginative.

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     Ken Spillman is one of Australia’s most versatile and prolific authors, editors and critics. He is the author of more than 35 books spanning many genres.
          Ken’s Jake series for younger readers has enjoyed remarkable success since 2009, and now appears in around a dozen countries across Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America. His adventure series, The Absolutely True Fantasies of Daydreamer Dev is also attracting many fans in India.
         An entertaining and inspiring speaker, Ken has presented sessions to many tens of thousands of schoolchildren in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines and Singapore.

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Chris Nixon is an illustrator and designer based in Perth, Australia. His work is influenced by surf, skate, music and contemporary pop culture with an emphasis on the hand-drawn form. Accompanying his commercial work, Nixon has created several large scale artworks which have been installed around the state.
In addition to his commercial illustration, Nixon has been published in over 10 childrens books including his internationally acclaimed work on the Jake Series which has been published across several continents and languages. In 2011 Nixon was named in the top 100 New Creatives by CMYK Magazine.

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