Friday, June 28, 2013

Elvis and the underdogs by Jenny Lee ★★★★★

Illustrated by Kelly Light

Reviewed by Sophia (aged 11) Meet Sophia

Benji is a small ten-year-old boy with a weird personality. He is always sick and faints a lot.
So when Benji wakes up from a bad spell the doctor gives him two options; to wear the world’s ugliest helmet or get a therapy dog. Benji chooses the dog. But when a huge crate arrives in his house he can’t believe his eyes! There before him is a massive two-hundred-pound dog!
The amazing thing about the dog is that it can talk! He tells Benji his name is Parker Elvis Pembroke IV. But the weird thing is that only Benji understands him; everyone else hears Elvis’s speaking as a bark or a whimper.
Elvis is very bossy and sometimes tells Benji what to do! But having a bossy dog could come in handy and might just show Benji how easy it is to make new friends.
I thought this was a wonderful and magical read with lots of exciting moments and heaps of bravery!

THANK YOU to our lovely friends at HarperCollins Publishers Australia for our review copy.
On Sale in Australia:           1st May/2013
 Formats:     Hardback | E-Book
Sneak Peek available here: CLICK

           Jenny Lee is a writer and producer on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up.
She has written episodes for the shows In Case of Emergency, Samantha Who?, The Troop, and Shake It Up.

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