Monday, July 1, 2013

Epic (3D) ★★★½

Reviewed by Alex (Aged 12)  Meet Alex

Opens in Australia: July 4, 2013  USA:  24th May, 2013  UK: 22nd May 2013
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Epic begins with the character of Bomba, a determined professor, who studies a civilization of tiny people who he has never seen. Mary Katherine (MK) is his 17 year old daughter who one day is magically transported to this microscopic world where there is a battle going on between leaf men (good) and Boggans (evil).  
Queen Tara passes on an important mission to MK which involves bringing the “chosen pod” to Nim Galuu, a wise caterpillar who can read ancient scrolls that hold the key to MK’s quest.  
MK is joined by Nod, a rebellious teen, Ronin, a courageous and selfless leader of the leafmen warriors, and Mug and Grub, a slug and snail, who are guardians of the pods. Pods are important as they are needed to keep the forest alive.
Trouble comes when Mandrake, a fierce and mean leader of the Boggans, believes the forest belongs to the darkness. He has the power to destroy anything he touches. Only the power of the “chosen pod” can stop him which is why MK and her heroic team need to protect the pod.
The quality of the animation was impressive, especially in 3D, as it made it feel like you were in their world. The battle scenes are entertaining and action packed but some parts of the film were too slow. Bomba was my least favourite character as he annoyingly slowed the pace down with his absent mindedness.  

“Ugly says what?” “what?” “nothing...(Mug and Grub arguing). ” Mug and Grub were my favourite characters as they brought laughter to the movie. I also liked the character of Queen Tara as she had awesome powers which allowed her to control nature.
Epic holds within it a couple of messages – be respectful of the environment, and never stop believing in something just because you can’t see it.
The story-line was like the usual good versus evil scenario and I found it easy to follow. Epic has action, adventure, comedy, villains and heroes. Something for everyone.

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