Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nell’s Festival of Crisp Winter Glories by Glenda Millard ★★★½

Reviewed by Sophia (aged 11) Meet Sophia.

          One night a boy called Perry thinks of an idea to bring his two favourite people together, Henry Jenkins and Nell Silk. Perry decides that he will put on a dance, a proper one with a band and everything. Perry gets a lot of helpers and in the end it turns out to be a festival: The Festival of Crisp Winter Glories. But when something bad happens to Nell will she be able to dance with the one she loves and will Henry be able to dance with one he loves?

        I thought this was a very interesting book. It had a bit of romance (yuck) and a bit of mystery in it too.

Book Description
         Two of Perry Angel′s favourite people are Grandma Nell and his good friend Jenkins.
One night, while listening to Nell play the beautiful Tennessee Waltz, Perry thinks of the perfect way to bring his two favourite people together: he wants to put on a dance - a proper one with petticoats and posies and a real band.
        Perry shares his idea with his sisters, and before long the dance turns into a wonderful winter festival. But when something happens to Nell, will Perry′s wish come true?

Our review copy of Nell's Festival of Crisp winter Glories thanks to the lovely people at HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS Australia

Release Dates:
Australia & New Zealand:   April 2013
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            Glenda Millard has won many prestigious awards for her Kingdom of Silk series, including CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers for Perry Angel′s Suitcase, and the Queensland Premier′s Children′s Book Award for Layla, Queen of Hearts. Now this stunning series about the very ′uncommon′ Silk family has its glorious finale in Nell′s Festival of Crisp Winter Glories.

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