Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vacation Hiro By Meg Welch Dendler ★★★★

Reviewed by Rhiannan (Aged 11)  Meet Rhiannan

Imagine you’re a cat, roaming around free. You live a careless life with a loving family, until, all of a sudden, they are gone. You don’t know where or how or why, but they’re gone.

That’s what happens to Kimba and Hiro. Mama and Daddy have left them. All alone, except for Miss Fatty Cat and Slinkey. But Hiro is upset because she won’t get her special Daddy time and only Daddy knows how to take care of her.

Kimba and Hiro also think that they have gotten rid of the strange Cats in the Mirror who want to take them back to their alien cat spaceship, but they are wrong. Hiro and Kimba are amazed to discover that their real mother is the cat who is the Head Commander of the alien ships. Now Kimba and Hiro are faced with another choice, to stay and wait for their missing family on Earth or go to the spaceship

Vacation Hiro is another great book to add to the series. If you love cats and wonder why cats act a little strange sometimes, you will love this book. I now wonder if my cat is visiting an alien spaceship when he disappears sometimes! I hope that the next book, Miss Fatty Cat’s Revenge, will be just as good (or even better!) than Vacation Hiro!

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Meg Welch Dendler is a former pre-k, elementary, and middle school teacher. For over 10 years, Meg worked as a freelance writer and has written her first book, “Why Kimba saved the world”. Meg has had over 100 articles published in newspapers, magazines and online.

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