Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One Sunday by Pamela Allen

Reviewed by Carmela Ramos
   I was so thrilled to add One Sunday to our Pamela Allen collection at home. On seeing the cover,  my children recognized the distinct style of the illustrator and knew they were in for a treat. Pamela Allen is also well known for her use of repetitive, humorous and engaging text. I love reading her books out loud as she always provides the reader with opportunities to create a theatrical performance.
   I read this charming book to my five-year-old on a wintry night. The tiny wooden house in the story looked so warm, safe and inviting. The eery illustrations outside the house enhanced the wintry atmosphere. My son was fascinated by the sounds of the blowing wind, groaning trees, and creaking wooden house. He was highly interested in the story from beginning to end and happily joined in reading the recurring bits. The little old man and little old woman are familiar and loveable characters but my son’s favourite was the special visitor (who I must add had lovely manners). 

This book can definitely be linked to many areas of learning. One Sunday would appeal to pre-school age children to 6 year olds (and not forgetting the privileged person to be reading it!).
Thanks to Penguin Group (Australia) for our review copy of One Sunday, which we received in exchange for an honest review.

Released May 2014

For further information:  
Back Cover Blurb
Outside the wind blew. Oooooh! The trees groaned. Ahhhhh!  And the tiny wooden house creaked. Eeeeeek!
Inside, a delicious roast dinner was cooking. The little old man was expecting visitors. The little old woman said no one would come.
Who was right? Come inside where it’s cosy and warm, and wait…                                                             
You might get a big surprise.
Here is a gentle story about home and hearth, about the comfort of ritual, and about opening your heart to the possibilities of life.                                                              

Pamela Allen (AUTHOR, ILLUSTRATOR)                                         
  Pamela Allen is a phenomenon in the world of children's literature.    For almost thirty years her picture books have enchanted generations of children in Australia and overseas and many of her titles have won prestigious awards and commendations. She has earned classic status through the enduring popularity of her stories with the very young.
 Pamela's books are full of the music of language; they are 'fragments of theatre', designed to be read aloud and shared between an adult and a child. Eight of Pamela's titles were adapted for the stage by Patch Theatre Company, and performed in the Sydney Opera House. In 2004, Grandpa and Thomas won the Children's Book Council Book of the Year Award: Early Childhood and The Potato People was named an Honour Book in the same category in 2003, and Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella was shortlisted for the same award in 2007, as was Shhh! Little Mouse in 2008. Is Your Grandmother a Goanna? won a 2008 Speech Pathology of Australia Book of the Year Award, as did Our Daft Dog Danny in 2010. 
'From Pamela Allen's first publication in 1980 it was clear that here was a creator of picture books with all the glow, gesture, din and dance to capture the attention, engage the imagination, teach, show, tickle and excite small children.' Meg Sorensen, Australian Book Review.

Pamela Allen lives in New Zealand with her husband.

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