Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones

Reviewed By Anna - aged 11

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones
Author : Will Mabbitt
Illustrator : Ross Collins

Have you ever been kidnapped by pirates in the middle of the night and forced to walk the Greasy Pole of Certain Death? 

Or challenged a giant grizzly bear to a milk-drinking contest? 

Or gone on a dangerous quest in search of mysterious treasure? 

What's that? You haven't? 

Then the unlikely adventures of Mabel Jones are almost certainly too exciting, thrilling and terrifying for you.  Put this book down at once!* 

*Not really – I just have to say that in case any grown-ups are reading.  Luckily this writing is too small for their old eyes to see properly.  What you should really do is start reading this book immediately because it will make you laugh so hard that chips will come down your nose. 

     The blurb grabbed my attention straight away. After reading the first chapter, which was so funny and interesting, I just had to keep on reading this fantastic book!

     It’s about a girl named Mabel Jones who gets kidnapped by a silent loris named Omynus Hussh because she commits “the deed” (you got to read it to find out about “the deed” – it’s gross and funny at the same time). Mabel Jones ends up on a pirate ship called The Feroshus Maggot with an out of the ordinary bunch of animal pirates. The captain of the ship is an evil wolf named Idryss Ebenezer Split. The only way Mabel Jones can return home is if she helps the captain and crew collect all the X’s that are pieces of a key. So the daring and smart Mabel Jones becomes a pirate and goes on a mysterious journey filled with action, excitement and treasures!

     I loved all the characters (and their names!). My favourite character was Omynus Hussh because he is mysterious, mischievious and suspiciously silent, and I kept on wondering what he would do next. I also really liked the narrator because of the funny comments and interrupting moments. It felt like the narrator was talking to me and including me in the adventure.

     The pictures were great and helped me imagine what was happening to Mabel Jones. The pictures also brought the characters to life. The Captain’s sharp teeth with “strings of wet drool” look so real. The expressions on all the characters’ faces are also amazing. The different fonts and font sizes used in the book also added fun, suspense and feeling to the story.

     The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones is such a funny and exciting book. I would recommend this book for boys and girls who like adventures, surprises and a good laugh!

Publication date : 27 May 2015

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