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Reviewed By Jack Cutbush [the Giant Slayer] (Age 11) Meet Jack

Australia: 21st March 2013; USA 1st March UK 22nd March
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       Jack the Giant Slayer is a wonderful movie based on the children’s fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  It is a fantasy adventure film packed full of action, comedy and a little romance (yuk).
The movie is about a farm-hand named Jack (Nicholas Hoult) and Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) who as children both love hearing the same legend of how King Erik and his magic crown defeated the giants who lived above the clouds. 
When they grow up, they both meet at a street theatre where Jack defends the Princess from some bad people before he knew she was a princess. One night, the princess sneaks out from the castle, away from her Father King Brahmwell  (Ian McShane) and Roderick (Stanley Tucci) the man who she has been told she must marry.  She is looking to find adventure and thanks to a thunderstorm ends up at Jacks farmhouse. 
Jack’s adventure starts when some beans he is given by a monk, who has stolen them from the castle, become wet.  Instantly, a huge vine grows rapidly into the sky, taking his house and the princess with it.  He then has to climb the vine to rescue her from some ugly, nose picking giants. He is aided in his quest by Elmont (Ewan McGregor), one of the King’s guards.  But they must also face a traitor amongst the King’s court, who wants the magic beans for himself.

      The great special effects and 3D bring the giants and their world to life and it’s very exciting especially when Jack and the princess are being chased by the giants.
The age group I would recommend for this movie would be about 8 and above as I believe it would probably not be suitable for any younger as people get stomped on and eaten and it may give little kids nightmares.
To wrap up it was a fantastic movie with a lot of action and excitement.  I would give it 8 and a half out of ten.  Go see it for yourself.
           If you want to see this movie or have seen it, please tell me what you think...

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