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Australia: 28th March 2013; USA 22nd March UK 22nd March 
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Reviewed by Rhiannan Harris (Age 11) Meet Rhiannan

Imagine a world thousands of years ago when cavemen lived.
Over time, the Croods, find themselves the only surviving caveman family in their neighbourhood. Grug (Nicolas Cage), the father, wants his family to be kept safe, but that’s not always easy, especially when your world comes to a crashing end.
Mother Ugga (Catherine Keener) tries to keep the peace between her children Eep (Emma Stone), Thunk (Clark Duke)  and baby Sandy (Randy Thom), especially when she has her hands full keeping Grug and her mother, Gran (Cloris Leachman), from fighting.
Rebellious Eep finds it hard to obey her father, even when it might save her life. One night Eep breaks all her father’s rules about not going out at night and ventures off. She meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his pet Belt (Chris Sanders), a boy who is the only surviving member of his family. Grug realises that Eep is missing and goes to find her and returns her home.

The next day, their word comes to a crashing end and the Croods discover there is another world out there, where Grug’s rules don’t always work. Together, with Guy as their guide, they make their way to “Tomorrow”, making new rules and reinventing old ones.
“The Croods” is a really funny movie and people of all ages would enjoy it. The animation is clever and suits the film, keeping it bright and colourful with not a dull moment. Children of all ages will enjoy the story and will want to see it again and again and again. It’s also a film that will appeal to adults, so make sure you don’t miss out.  Take your kids to see it because you’ll have a good laugh!

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