Thursday, February 26, 2015

Do You Dare? Jimmy's War by Sherryl Clark

Reviewed by Carmela Ramos

       My son and I were extremely happy to receive more books from the Do You Dare? Series. I managed to take one from his ‘I want to read this book next’ shelf and I’m so glad I did as I thoroughly enjoyed the read.  Of course I will place it back for him to read because I highly recommend it.  Following suit with the other books from the Do You Dare? Series, Jimmy’s War has a boy as its central character, is written in the genre of historical fiction, has an exciting plot and is full of adventure. Sherryl Clark’s literary talent has contributed in making this historical story both enriching and entertaining for the reader.

       Jimmy loves to play footy and should be at school but with the absence of his father who died in a factory accident, a brother away at war, and an ill mother, Jimmy has to work to support his family instead.  With caring neighbours such as Mrs. Wimple, and cheerful friends such as Frank, Jimmy is encouraged to keep battling on. When Jimmy’s brother Arthur returns from war, he is not the same, and Jimmy not only has to deal with these changes but also the dilemma of working for the local crim, Bill Prosser.

       Sherryl Clark has clearly researched the era and the effects of Gallipoli on the returning soldiers and their families. The story is set in the suburb of Yarraville, and Clark’s description of the people, the food, the buildings and the surroundings give a real sense of what life was like in 1915. With a real historical setting, a well-driven main character and highly interesting support characters, Jimmy’s War is a fascinating story that will immerse young readers in an adventure in Australian history.

Thank you Penguin Australia for sending us a copy of this amazing book.

For more information go to or check out Sherryl Clark's fantastic website


   Sherryl Clark's first children's book was The Too-Tight Tutu which was published in the Aussie Bites series in 1997. Since then she has published almost 30 children's books, including Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!) and Motormouth. Sherryl is also the author of the Rose books in the Our Australian Girl series. She has had two collections of poetry for adults published by Pariah Press - Edge (1990) and Thicker Than Water (1999), and is a co-editor of Poetrix magazine. Sherryl teaches fiction and poetry writing in the Diploma of Arts - Professional Writing and Editing at Victoria University and Holmesglen TAFE.

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