Thursday, March 12, 2015

WHY I LOVE FOOTY by Michael Wagner, illustrated by Tom Jellett

Reviewed by Carmela Ramos

     Living in a house with quite a few footy fans has sometimes been a challenge for me. Being used as a launch pad for a ‘specky’ simply because I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time at a family picnic is partly to blame. After reading Why I love Footy I must congratulate Michael Wagner for changing my perspective of this popular Australian game. His book not only highlights some of the ‘bazillion’ reasons why footy is so special, it also highlights how sport can bring a family together.

     My kids smiled while reading this book as they could relate to the feelings shared by the main character. It also opened up a discussion in our household as to why our family loves footy so much.

     Michael Wagner’s love of the game is contagious and truly shines out in this informative and fun Picture Book. The text is simple, straightforward and engaging. Tom Jellet’s expressive and colourful illustrations compliment this passion for footy. The bold, busy and detailed drawings have truly captured the atmosphere surrounding a footy game.  Tom Jellet has successfully created movement and emotion on each page. It was interesting to watch my child’s eyes dart all over the page not wanting to miss any action before the page turn. The only criticism I have for Mr Jellet is that there was WAY too much red used.  It would have been nice to see more purple – GO FREO DOCKERS!!!   

    With simple yet action-packed text and highly appealing illustrations, Why I Love Footy is a true reflection of a young footy fan’s experience of Australian Rules Football and will surely be appreciated by all ages.

Thank you Penguin Australia for sending us a review copy of this exciting Picture Book.

RELEASE DATE :                     25 March 2015
More Information on the book :

About The Author  : Michael Wagner is a children's author whose best-known books follow the funny and action-packed sporting adventures of Maxx Rumble, and the hilarious father-son rivalries of The Undys. Prior to becoming a children's author, he spent ten years working as a radio broadcaster with the ABC, then wrote and produced award-winning animation for television. This book is his love letter to Australian Rules Football, and the families that are bonded by it.

About The Illustrator : Tom Jellett is an acclaimed children's book illustrator. His work includes a series of books about a little pirate and a couple of books about a teddy bear called Ted. His picture book with Justine Clarke and Arthur Baysting, The Gobbledygook is Eating a Book, has been an Australian bestseller.

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