Sunday, April 28, 2013


Reviewed by Jemma (Aged 11)  Meet Jemma

Opens in Australia: 11th April 2013
Other Countries: Release Information

Adventures in Zambezia is about a bird named Kai who lives with his father Tendai in the middle of nowhere in Africa. Gogo a friendly bird flies past trying to get away from marabous with a woven bag on her back.
The woven bag had Tini, a weaver bird and some duckling eggs. Gogo tells Kai about Zambezia and as Kai is an adventurous bird he is keen to go see the big city.
Will his father let him see the big city or will his father not let him go because of the dangers that lie ahead?   Kai flies off in the night ignoring what his father has said. Kai tries to catch up with Gogo but soon Kai finds himself flying with Paui and her flock.
Soon after they arrive at Zambezia and Kai is amazed at what he saw. Kai puts his name down for a tour the next day. Then Kai meet Mushana the receptionist who shows Kai to his room. He is awoken by his tour guide, Ezee keen to start the tour. Kai finds himself in a heap of trouble, adventure and discovers some truths about his family.  
The Adventures in Zambezia is an exciting movie everyone would love; a wonderful movie for all ages.  It’s full of adventure, thrills and lots fun characters. I would love to see it again. This movie is made by trigger fish, which have also made the movie Khumba soon to come out in 2013.


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