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 Reviewed by Jack  (Aged 11) Meet Jack

The Irwin’s are a fun Australian family of animal lovers.  When Robert Irwin finds a prehistoric claw in outback Queensland that will accidently send him back in time his whole world turns upside and he has to somehow find his way home.
From Queensland to Texas and other places all around the world Robert has some great adventures.
In THE DISCOVERY Robert has to survive a dinosaur stampede and a run in with an australovenator that has sharp teeth and claws.
In AMBUSH AT CISCO SWAMP we find Robert doing research on the America alligators and when he accidently goes back in time he sees its prehistoric version which jumps out at him and chases him up a tree.
Overall I think the books start off wonderfully and get you into the story straight away and I personally would give the series a try.  They are very small books and are very quick to read, which could also be a downside.  Jack Wells has written a great series and both books I read had a fantastic storyline
In my opinion I reckon you should try to read them all in order not just go from 4 to 1.  These are fantastic easy read books with amazing little twists.

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