Saturday, April 27, 2013


Reviewed by Sophia (Aged 10)  Meet Sophia

Australia: 28th March 2013; USA 15th February, 2013 
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          Gary is an alien and so is everyone on planet Baab. Gary works in mission control which of course means he controls the missions that his brother Scorch goes on. When a new mission comes up Scorch is the one to do it and this time he has to go to the Dark planet, also known as Earth.
          No Alien has ever come back from the Dark planet (Earth) but Scorch is determined to go there. He gets himself into a bit of trouble with the victims (humans) and the next thing he finds himself in is a cell. Gary goes after him using the rescue pod but there is a slight complication and he finds himself with the humans and  then he is put in a cell near Scorch.
          Shanker the evil human has his own plans to take over the universe using the aliens and a Love website. And much adventure follows.
        This was an exciting movie and kept me entertained. I really recommend this movie to all.

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